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The Tom Paine 200 Celebrations :a dvd

Produced by Reminiscence Films and running for over 45 minutes, our commemorative dvd attractively blends live footage and still photography to capture the vividness of Reenactment Weekend from dance to pitched battle. It uses colourful excerpts from the drama, music and events of six months of festival to tell its story.

The DVD aims to do justice not only to the story of Thomas Paine's mighty life and achievements but to the energy, good humour and commitment of the town of Thetford celebrating one of its own. A great memento for those who were there, the DVD has been scripted to work equally well as an attractive and unusual introduction to Tom Paine himself, and to Thetford en fête, for those who missed the whole thing.

Priced at £5.99, Tom Paine 200 Celebrations :a dvd,  available from Leaping Hare, Belmont House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AP,  (01842 751975).

Tom Paine 200 Commemorative DVD
Tom Paine Cartoon


Published October 16th 2010

To coincide with the launch of the Common Sense Club, the Tom Paine Legacy Committee announces the publication of the Tom Paine Bicentenary Papers, a collection of toasts, talks and sermons given in the course of the Tom Paine 200 Celebrations last year.
Featured among the contributions are the Civic Sermon preached by the Bishop of Thetford, John Keane's polished toast to Paine's memory and the equally witty response on behalf of America by Colonel Dean Rodgers. There are summaries of and selections from all the talks given during Reenactment Weekend and in the Autumn, in many cases cross-referencing the full text or a recording of the lecture available on line.
The volume is a fascinating record of the year, and as such takes its place alongside the Celebrations DVD (still available from the Tourist Information Centre) and a collection of materials to be deposited with Thetford Library as a significant archiving of the events of 2009.
However, this is not a volume reluctantly to blow the dust off. The wit and style of all the contributors brings their words and thoughts off the page with a pace and directness that are eminently readable. Paine the arch-communicator, would certainly have approved.
Edited by John Weeks, the Papers are published by David Osborne for the Thetford Society and printed by About Thetford. We thank David and Trevor and also the Heritage Lottery Fund, for its sponsorship of the project.
The Tom Paine Bicentenary Papers are on sale from Leaping Hare, Belmont House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AP and the Ancient House Museum at £5.00 but will be available at the special price of £3 at all meetings of the Common Sense Club.

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The Tom Paine Bicentenary Papers are on sale from available from Leaping Hare, Belmont House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AP  (01842 751975) and the Ancient House Museum, Thetford, at £5.00


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