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Autumn Lectures 2012

Transcript available of the John Keane Lecture 'Old Age without Wretchedness': Thomas Paine's Vision of Growing Old.

Audio file of the Ruth Scurr Lecture 'Paine and the French Revolution'.


Brian Way - Mr Burke & Mr Paine

Alan Cardew - Common Sense and America

Pam Giddy -on Electoral Reform

DVD commemorating celebrations available.

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  2010 -


The Bicentenary Celebrations of 2009 may be history, but Tom Paine is set to continue to play a part in the life of Thetford.

The Celebrations Committee has been reconstituted as the Tom Paine 200 Legacy Committee, a sub-committee of the Thetford Society with the aim of maintaining the profile of Thetford's radical thinker in the town.

Initially the committee is focused on promoting the Commemorative dvd of the Celebrations. Available from 2 New Horizons in the Market Place (01842 751975), the Ancient House Museum and online at the Box Office , the dvd has been scripted  not only to celebrate 2009 but to give a clear picture of Tom Paine's life and thought and the age he lived in. As such, it has a wide potential appeal and is already proving popular in Thetford and beyond.

Other plans include the publication of a commemorative pamphlet featuring a number of the fine speeches and lectures given during the year and the creation of further public memorials of Paine around the town while, in response to a number of requests last year, Autumn 2010 will see the launch of the Common Sense Club. 

The Common Sense Club will be Thetford's version of the original Headstrong Club in Lewes and will run as an annual programme of lectures exploring lively topics of current interest. Look out for further details through the summer.


Secretary John Weeks, former Headmaster, Thetford Grammar School
Treasurer Janet Smith Gibbons, Thetford Society

Basil Abbot, Manager, Diss Museum
Colin Armes
Kathryn Boler, Community Librarian
Robert Kybird, Thetford Town and Breckland District Councillor
Gareth Price, Headmaster, Thetford Grammar School
Dennis Sully
Stuart Wright, Chairman of Thetford Society; Treasurer, Thomas Paine Society; Town Councillor; Trustee, Keystone Development Trust